Kurtzpel: It comes out in April as a free game

Multipoling PVP-oriented game Kurtzpel developed by Kog Games, launches in Steam in early access at the end of this month. April 30, the game will be released as a free game (free-to-Play). This release will make the game available to the countries of North and South America. Access will be provided to European regions in June. And the Asian countries will gain access in early July.

"The physical locations of the server for PVP games are extremely important. Based on the data of the ZBT that we collected, for North America we will have the location of servers on the western and eastern coasts. Brazil will take the server for South America and act as a central node. The location and size of each of these servers will change as early access. Our main goal is to make the game process in Kurtzpel as smooth for all our players as possible. To ensure the best experience, we will not resolve the interregional game, as well as the transfer of data from one region to another, "the developers said.

The packages of the founders are currently being developed, and they will mainly contain exclusive costumes and addition" Karma "(types of weapons). The packages of the founders will be available on the Steam Kurtzpel page in the near future.

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