Kurtzpel: Joint game for 4 players

The combat anime MMO from the third person Kurtzpel is constantly improving and quickly turns into an excellent game, in which new functions develop due to feedback from players.

kog Yesterday added a new Boss Rush mode with an exciting turn - it adds a joint game with 4 players, and this is for the first time for Kurtzpel. The video of the announcement shows how chaotic things are when four players simultaneously attack not one, but two or even three different bosses, demanding that a balanced team adapt to the characteristics of each boss. As you already know, if you are a Kurtzpel player, PVE bosses have very different attack schemes, so it should be fun.

In addition, July 3 in Kurtzpel is planned to update. A weapon with two swords will be added to the game, which is ideal for fast chopping attacks. As well as three new PVE boss.

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