Kurtzpel: Karma "Paired Souls", New Bosses and Arena

New Karma "Party Souls" is now available in MMORPG Kurtzpel. This is the fifth karma that comes into this anime column, turning a difficult choice into an even more complex one. Nevertheless, I think that many players will fall in love with the cubes of these two swords.

Karma "Foam Souls" - an extremely quick weapon. But this update applies not only to Karma "paired souls". It adds a new NPC, three new PVE arena with three new and terrible bosses. Apparently, the new arenas are located inside the Bella sanctuary, and the name of the new PVP arena for death is "Ridhenievsky Monastery".

kurtzpel is currently in early access to Steam and constantly raises its rating, as KOG adds content and corrects the game based on the reviews of the players.

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