Kurtzpel: Published a second roadmap

Today the second roadmap for MMORPG Kurtzpel was published. So, already in August the first PVP season will begin and will last 3-4 months. Accordingly, individual awards and a new achievement system. Back in September, they will add a new PVP mode in which several players will compete with each other. A new map will be added, and the conquest mode is updated. August will also please the new line of bathing suits.

In September, a guild system and a craft system will appear. In the guild mode, a PVE mode for 6 players will be added. New weapons, costumes and accessories will be added.

In October, a new karma with a magic attack, 3 new PVE missions for this karma, a new PVP mode, will be added to the game. In addition, players are waiting for various awards and events. In general, I think it will be interesting.

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