Last Oasis: will have a dynamic card and trade

Last week, the MMO developers about Last Oasis survival talked about their project, and this gives a more detailed idea of ​​what life in the world, where the scorching sun leaves only a small strip suitable for existence. It became known that this inhabited zone is constantly moving, so players will always have to be in motion and work together in order to get resources from the region before it burns from the sultry sun.

"We wanted to move away from how other survival games control reviving resources," said the project manager. "Instead of reviving resources in the same place that encourages the placement of camps in these places, we constantly release new cards with fresh resources and expedition cards, which are available only a few hours before the sun destroys them. We really want to devote ourselves to the topic of travel and research. "

You can still claim and fight for the territory, but in the end you will need to collect your base and move somewhere to a safer place. When your clan controls the area, you get a bonus from anyone who risks it to extract resources, so it is actually beneficial to the clans to have visitors. The developers hope that the system will inspire large clans to look after the small ones, allowing them to stay on their territory and protecting them from the players who started a pirate life.

with such fleeting resources, merchants will find many ways to get rich. This is the main mechanics, and you can devote your life to trade, or join the trade guild and work with friends, which will make you richer.

"We are avid EVE fans," said the developer, "and are inspired by our experience with their world and other games that are strongly dependent on trade." Since oases have different resources, merchants will be able to create temporary trade routes between them, packing all the goods in their walkers and transporting them to oases in which there is no valuable product.

walkers, long -legged Last Oasis ships should be The first are built, although they can be configured, you will not choose each part yourself. The development team has not yet decided how many walkers will be, but they will specialize in battles, transportation or intelligence.

The largest of them is the flotilla, the mobile city and the last bastion of humanity. He will not be in the game when launching early access, but the developer really plans to present it at some point. As in EVE, Last Oasis seems to be more concerned about allowing players to create their own bases and trade among themselves, and not to have NPC and settlements NPC.

Last Oasis will soon appear in Steam Early Accesses In early access on September 3,

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