League of Legends disables the total chat due to toxicity

Riot Games announced that in the next patch of the game (Patch 11.21) they will turn off the total chat ( /all) in Moba League of Legends. The logic of this controversial step is to combat toxicity and verbal insults. The emotions and ping of the champion’s skill will still be visible to opponents.

"The general chat allowed players from different teams to exchange witty messages, as well as good-naturedly joke over each other, but now communication has become mostly negative. We will study complaints about verbal insults and the frequency of punishments for them, as well as polls and reviews of players to assess the influence of this change, "the announcement says.

Although the general chat has already been disconnected by default , it could always be turned on, but now it is completely removed in version 11.21.

Although this step definitely causes disputes, this is not so surprising, given in which direction the industry has developed over the years. It’s good or bad, but the era of completely unfiltered and free Internet has long passed, and games such as Overwatch and League of Legends were leaded in the fight against toxicity and poor sports skills. Toxicity, it is mainly just a banal chatter or stupid jokes. In addition, it is not entirely clear who Riot Games is trying to protect here. By default in the game, this chat is already disconnected, so anyone who is trying their best to turn it on, must understand what it is involved in.

in each game, including League of Legends, there are already built -in tools for disconnecting the sound and blocking of players, therefore, remove a similar social component from the game in order to protect the feelings of particularly sensitive players causes some bearing.

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