League of Legends: Expecting new heroes

The developers of Moba League of Legends talked about the plans and prospects of the project. Apparently, the arsenal of the heroes of League of Legends expects a great replenishment. Well, firstly, according to the developers, the support sorceress, which they talked about back in January, should be expected soon.

Next, the Mordecaiser will receive a serious alteration, and the pantheon will also be reputed after it.

In addition, the next new champion will be the murderer of a single line that will rely on the strength of his attack. In addition, he uses the environment with cunning and resourcefulness. Together with the advent of this hero, players will be able to visit the dense jungle of Runterra and learn about the existence of a new faction.

And by the end of the year, one more hero is expected - the original arrow.

in general, work The developers have many, but we will look forward to new products.

detailed information about developers' plans can be read here.

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