League of Legends: Lillia became the new champion

The latest addition to the Moba League of Legends champions list was Lillia's frisky deer, "shy and awkward", according to Riot, is also the "most brave champion we did."

"Lily feels kinship with the relationship with Dreams - in fact, she loves them. But not only because these are dreams, "explained the senior author of the story David Slaig. "She loves them for what they imagine: a whole world full of people, in which there is excellent magic. But people began to forget this magic. They close from her. And when Lillia sees this, she wants to do more than just save magic. She wants to help people find magic within herself. "

from a more practical side of things, Lillia uses a lulling pollen, which causes periodic magical damage, depending on the maximum reserve of health of the target. You can find out more about the skills of the lillia on the official page.

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