League of Legends: Patch 9.13 adds Teamfight Tactics and Keanu

For Moba League of Legends, this week is truly exciting, after the release of Patch 9.13. Not only did we get a new Teamfight Tactics game mode, but a new champion was also added - Kiana.

If you did not pay attention, then the new Teamfight Tactics mode is this Riot Riot in an exploding style Auto Chess, and this is super fun.

Kiana is a unique champion that she can direct various objects to her weapons to strengthen her attacks. The use of its ability "W" and the choice of a river, walls or bushes will change the behavior of its ability "Q", allowing its main enemies, apply additional damage or creating a trace that hides Keana and gives it additional speed.

Details of the patch by link.

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