Legends of Aria: Review of the Karma system

Citadel Studios released a new video that shows one of the large functions of MMORPG Legends of ARIA. The video contains a brief overview of the karma system.

In addition, a message was published on the blog to make it clear to the players "how to avoid gangs during PVP in the open MMORPG."

players loving chaos in Legends of Aria will constantly balance, as everything will depend on karma. This shifts the emphasis on giving the opportunity to choose such players and give a more risky gameplay. Ultimately, protected lands can turn into a battlefield. The beauty of this system is that there are 3 options: peaceful, chaotic and outcast. All positions highlight the nickname in a certain color. If you want to be a peaceful player and get complete protection against aggression inside the protected lands, then choose the color of peaceful. Choose the color of the chaotic if you want to participate in the conflict between the players and anywhere outside the cities. Well, by choosing a outcast position - you are ready to sacrifice freedom and hunt everywhere, wherever you go.

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