Legends of Runeterra came out an addition to the "Starbular World"

Strategic KKI Legends of Runeterra Riot Games has received an update with the name "The Great World". The addition contains 43 new cards, including the ECKO, Pike and Rek’i champions, as well as the new skill - "Hunting."

"What is lurking in the bowels of the latest expansion of Legends of Runeterra? Let's hope that you will not recognize on your own experience... In the "afterlife" you will meet creatures that you have not seen in your travels along Runterre. The new skill "Hunting" gives +1 | +0 to all supporters-hunters, if during your attack the upper map of your deck is a hunter. Some hunters also receive other powerful amplifiers when activating the skill. When playing hunters, plan everything in advance and predict which card will be the upper in the deck. "

The addition also presents an extensive list of updates of living cards, the largest design update in real time that the game has seen since the moment launching a multi -platform game on PC and mobile devices last year.

You can familiarize yourself with full notes to a patch on the official website Legends of Runeterra.

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