Legends of Runeterra: will soon add several new modes

In the near future, there will be more reasons for playing Legends of Runeterra. Legends of Runeterra includes large updates, starting with two main new gaming modes, seasonal events with cosmetic awards and, of course, new cards.

The new video from the developer says that the first major update for Legends of Runeterra, will come out in a month. Developers plans to create a whole ecosystem of modes and functions that allow players to demonstrate skills. New competitive modes limited in time will appear, and they introduce new rules for building a deck. The first "test", starting on June 26, will have unique awards and rules. The test challenges you, can you win 7 times? In fact, this mode will be simply a test launch with standard rules, but as soon as the system works, Riot will add a second mode, where players will have to create decks with a limit of the same type of cards. Without duplicates.

A few weeks later, Legends of Runeterra will be released on July 8 with the debut of the Laboratory mode. Like tests, laboratories change the standard rules of the game, but here the main attention is paid to wild experiments, so this mode will be more casual and chaotic compared to tests.

In July, events, special seasonal actions that connect cosmetic objects, quests, tests or laboratories on a specific topic will also be held. When the events are active, players will receive awards limited in time only for the game, with additional combat missing with additional awards affordable. Riot reports that the theme of the first event, which will begin somewhere in July, while remaining a secret.

Finally, in August, Lor will receive new cards, although it is not yet known how many of them will be. This template will be repeated every two months, while every six months a whole new region will be produced, which will be in the focus of the next three issues of cards.

In addition to all this, Legends of Runeterra will receive a bunch of small updates during the remaining part of 2020, including improvement in building a deck, game lists of leaders, spectators and other cosmetic options. Riot says that tournaments and single modes are also in development.

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