Lineage 2m: goes to a new level

In 2017, the NCSoft developer company announced its new MMORPG Lineage 2M mobile project. And today the developers revealed some details of the future game. NCSOFT plan to make Lineage 2M one of the largest mobile MMORPG, which will have an open world and complete freedom of action. Since the inspiration for creating this project was Lineage 2, the developers want to make this project not just incredible, but unique among mobile games. NCSOFT assured the players that the play style has not changed at all, you can see it in the videos. But the territory of the world is simply colossal, it applies to 102 million square meters. m. Lineage 2M structure also remained original, one channel and seamless structure. The battles in the game will be in 3 dimensions, while various obstacles and geography of the territory will affect your battle. The main point of RVR battles will be raid monsters-bosses. At the moment, the development of the developers 31 game class. The MMORPG Lineage 2M exit is planned in 1 half of the next year.

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