Lineage 2m: The world map is shown

with the advent of MMORPG Lineage 2M this winter in South Korea, the NCSoft developer revealed the main element of the ambitious mobile MMORPG - the world map. To begin with, only the port of the Gludio is considered, but it is important to note that players will be here at least the first 30 levels of the game. From the prosperous port city to the cemetery and the harsh desert, Gludio serves as a starting point for all players.

Like most regions and regions, Gludio can also be found in the MMORPG version on PC. According to the developer, in only 5 days more than 3 million preliminary registrations have been made. Lineage 2M is officially supported in PC systems through the upcoming NCSoft Purple emulator. The gameplay is cross -platform, that is, mobile and computer players use the same servers. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no information about the global launch.

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