Lost ARK: Developer Roadmap

January 11, 2020, the developers of the MMORPG Lost ARK during the celebration of the New Year holidays held a presentation at which a roadmap for 2020 was presented.

January 15, a new raid with three types of complexity will be added to the game. The test and trial complexity will be much more complicated than the usual complexity characterized by the level of the object or equipment. In addition, the first team that successfully won, and the team that succeeded in the shortest possible time will enter the Glory Hall and receive a special title.

will add a selfie camera. Using the function of an independent camera, you can take shots of the screen at different angles, for example, from the side or behind, unlike ordinary viewing points.

a rating system for each content will appear. You can check your rating on each content, having reached the top of the rating, you can get a special reward.

and Lost Ark did not pass by the Battle Royale genre. This year, a completely open island will appear in the game, where you can enjoy the "royal battle", and your goal is to survive the invasion of dinosaurs and become the last to survive.

a new level will appear in the reputation system The trust of "affection".

a personal territory will be added, which looks like a very large island and can be freely decorated with its liking. In addition to the invitation of NPC and friends who have reached a certain level of reputation, you can also activate an additional character in the territory. There is even a locker room on the island where you can change NPC clothes or send crews to certain zones for awards.

the craft system, will also receive some changes. The journey will be turned into a playground for adventure, and special awards will be provided for adventures.

a new sea dungeon of the Gate of Paradise will appear, which is located in the depths of the sea. The Gates of Paradise consist of tripale dungeons, where you can meet seven bosses. You can also fight with the guard Arkady, about which you have already heard on other islands. The Gate of Paradise will appear with the update at the end of February.

The system of searching for the group and tasks will be processed.

A number of hairstyles of the heroes have been added.

The calendar of the islands is reorganized, and new notes and social actions will be added.

You can capture various islands before occupying the island. The method of capturing the island differs depending on which you are on. For example, to capture the island of a snow fang, you need to be able to fight snowballs well. The capture method will change depending on the island, and you will receive the advantages of the guild.

A new plot story will appear, which will play an important role in game scenarios.

changes will be made in the pumping mechanics, Such as obtaining items and increasing levels will change.

The card system will also receive reorganization. Unlike card battles, characters will be to increase various characteristics. It looks like a rune of equipment below level 2. In addition, the collection of cards related to history can give you a certain effect of the set.

in the development there are 2 new classes. But the developers have not yet disclosed information about them, referring to the fact that they are still in active development.

At the beginning of season 2, Lost ARK will please the players with a new continent - papulation. For the continent, the reids of the abyss will also be added.

During the presentation, it also went about the change in balance, the gender policy of the characters and the interface change.

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