Magic: Legends closes a few months after CBT

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios decided to close the Magic: Legends just a few months after the launch of the open-up of the ARPG opened Magic: The GATHERING in March. The executive producer told the Game community unpleasant news on the official website at the beginning of this week:

"With a heavy heart, we announce the closure of Magic: Legends on October 31, 2021," the announcement said. "Our vision Magic: Legends did not justify ourselves, but we are proud of what we have achieved. Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, we were able to convey the vast Magic: The Gathering Multiverse to a wide audience and explore new angles in the established ARPG genre. In the course of the case, we have removed several valuable lessons, and we will use them to improve future development efforts. "

Zen store was closed at the time of the announcement, and all the players who spent money on microtransactions in The time of a short stay of the game in open beta testing will be fully compensated. All items in Zen Shop can also be bought for free intra -game currency, starting from the end of this week.

"Yes, all purchases, including the Planeswalker Bundle set and all the nominal nominal value of the virtual currency will be returned in the amount 100%. For purchases made through ARC Games using credit cards, the return will be automatically applied to the corresponding credit card - we expect that the processing time of such refunds will take about 4 weeks. For purchases made through ARC Games using prepaid cards, the return will be automatically applied in the form of an ARC loan to the corresponding ARC account - plus an additional loan of 10 US dollars - which can then be used in other ARC client games. For purchases made in Epic Games Store, the return will be automatically returned through a payment gateway that was used to make purchases. "

Perfect World and Cryptic first announced Magic: Legends in 2017 as a free MMORPG of a new generation. In January 2020, the team announced that instead the game would be a multi -user Arpg in the Diablo style, to the great disappointment of fans, awaiting the full MMORPG Magic: The Gathering. Add to this the problems with monetization and a warm welcome from the community, and it is easy to see how the developers came to their decision only three months after the launch of open beta testing of the game.

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