Magic: The Gathering Arena: A set

Earlier in the free KKI Magic: The Gathering Arena, there was a problem that to put it mildly, strained players. The fact is that if you received five copies of a unique card, then you could not exchange a card or sell. In the usual desktop version of the game, this is not a problem, since you can always sell the card, and in digital - this caused certain difficulties. But the last patch solved this problem now, if when you open the deck, an additional map of a rare or mythical value falls out, then the game system will replace it with an automaton at another level. Protection from repetitions now works in all events.

a set of cards of loan equations is released on the eve of the output of the desktop version. Equally, this is a large, almost endless city, which is controlled by a variety of strong guilds. Each guild has its own individual mechanics. Magic: The Gathering Arena also added special musical accompaniment and visual effect for each of the guilds if their cards are played out.

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