Maid of Sker: Announced the first -person horror

The Wales Interactive developer announced a new first-person horror game with Maid of Sker survival elements.

Maid of Sker events are developing in a remote hotel with a terrible history. The game is based on the real story of Elizabeth Williams, you play the role of Thomas Evans, a musician who saves a beloved woman in a mortal battle. The story begins in 1898, in Sker House, this building is still standing and is considered one of the most visited in the UK.

As for the game of Maid of Sker, the emphasis will be made on reconnaissance and cunning. The developers introduce a "three -dimensional sound system", which will be crucial for your survival. As in the case of most modern horror games, you will not have weapons, but the developers say that you can "build a trap" and "distract" when the ghosts hunt you, so I hope the game will be more than the constant search for the nearest closest cabinets to hide. Enemies will develop as you advance to such an extent that you will ultimately have to hold your breath so as not to be noticed by them.

below the trailer that demonstrates the stunning design of the atmosphere of the game. Currently, Maid of Sker plans to exit in the third quarter of 2019.

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