Marvel’s Avengers: Kamala Khan will become the sixth character

Crystal Dynamics announced that Kamala Khan, better known in the world of superheroes as Miss Marvel, will be the sixth character, which can be played in the future Marvel’s Avengeers. She will also play a key role in the game as a catalyst, which will lead to a second assembly of the Avengers five years after the catastrophic events of the celebration of the day, which lead to the breakdown of the team.

This is the same event and gives Kamaly her authority: When the master of tasks begins the attack on the celebration, it is exposed, which gives her extraordinary polymorphic abilities. "The power of Kamaly is associated with the stretching and turning of her body into crazy forms. She can grow to amazing heights. " These abilities bring a completely new element to the game and make battle and research unique.

as you can see in the trailer, it is also the one who pushes the team to return together.

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