Marvel’s Avengers: The update will add Kate Bishop and the new villain

The Action Marvel’s Avenges supplement should have first been released in October, but as often happens with games, the developer Crystal Dynamics decided to work more on some elements of the update. Finally, Square Enix announced that on December 8, 2020 a new hero would appear in the game.

the new heroine will be the clever and fast archers Kate Bishop, who finds himself in the game after her investigation of the disappearance of Nick Fury, It ended in the fact that her mentor Clint Barton (aka falcon eye). Continuing her investigation, she is faced with a new mystery - distorting fault time began to appear, and this forces her to turn to the Avengers again.

besides a positive hero, the villain will naturally be added. He uses "unstable molecules", due to which he can copy the abilities of other superheroes.

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