Mass Effect: Teser of the next chapter

BioWare during The Game Awards showed the teaser of the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe, but so far the project does not have the name, but is called "The Next Mass Effect."

A cinematic teaser transfers us through the galaxy among sounds and fragments of radio programs, past the destroyed remains of the retranstlator. Then the figure of a woman is shown, which rises to the snow -covered mountain and finds a fragment with the Emblem N7.

The woman stands in profile, but you can notice her smile, and freckles... Is this Liara? This is the only Azari with eyebrows and freckles. Perhaps she was a little over 100 years old in the Mass Effect trilogy, but Azari can live a thousand years. If this is true, it is quite possible that the next chapter of the project will be a continuation of the original trilogy.

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