Metro Exodus: two additions are announced

The developers of the Metro Exodus shooter shared plans for the release of the game on Expansion Pass. So the company plans to release two new plot additions that will tell completely different Metro stories. In additions, Artem will not be the main character, they will be a new character and one of the Rangers of Sparta.

The first plot addition will be the "two colonels", which is planned for the summer. According to the plot, Colonel Khlebnikov completes the mission and thinks about returning home. But the situation in the subway was aggravated, and in order for people to survive, you will have to act decisively.

The second addition is "Sam History" and it will appear in early 2020. The plot is based on the story of the former marine infantryman Sam, who also dreams of returning home. Sam is looking for options for how to return to the USA, but everything is more complicated than it seemed.

Additions will be available for purchase separately and on the "seasonal subscription".

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