Microprose returns with three military sites

Microprose publisher can recall fans of classical strategy and simulation. The studio was responsible for the publication of games such as Civilization, Civilization 2 and the first game XCOM, UFO: Enemy Unknown, back in the early 90s. Then the studio closed for several years, and now it returned and announced three new military games that will appear on Steam.

Sea Power: Naval Combat in the Missile Age-Naval Strategy . The Steam Game page says that actions in Sea Power will take place in the Cold War era between the 60s and 70s, include both historical and fictional scenarios, have a scalable realism and showing real-time battles.

second Front- returns the action on the Earth with a step -by -step tactical game World War 2. Second Front includes several campaigns, which include German, American and Ukrainian units, and games are held in battle Cycles of 60 moves. The military simulator also has an editor that allows you to create your own scenarios and campaigns.

Task Force Admiralis another Word War 2 simulator, but from the point of view of American aircraft carriers. You play for the commander responsible for the destruction of enemy naval forces in real-time hostilities. The Steam page boasts that Task Force Admiral has more than 90 classes of ships and 40 types of aircraft that are a copy of the real. ambitious plans that will be disclosed in the near future.

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