Microsoft confirmed the work on Keystone

A few weeks ago, the Microsoft Insider announced about the plans of the technological company to release an autonomous device that will allow users to broadcast Xbox games directly to their TVs. It is reported that the device will work like Amazon Fire Stick or Roku streaming devices will be delivered with an extensive game library of the Xbox Game Pass.

Windows Central confirmed that Microsoft is really working on such a device and it called Keystone. Initially, there were rumors that the product would be launched after 12 months, but this could take more time, since Microsoft apparently studies other versions of the device and other options for the streaming of games before releasing it to the market.

"Our vision of the Xbox Cloud Gaming is unshakable, our goal is to give people the opportunity to play the games that they want, on any devices where they want. As announced last year, we are working on the device for streaming games under the code name Keystone, which can be connected to any TV or monitor without using the console, "said Microsoft.

EM>"As part of any technical trip, we constantly evaluate our efforts, review our knowledge so that we benefit our customers. We decided to abandon the current version of the Keystone device. We will take into account the knowledge gained and reorient our efforts to a new approach, which will allow us to provide Xbox Cloud Gaming in more players around the world, "the representative said.

Currently there is no graphics When Keystone starts and whether it will be launched at all. But if Microsoft succeeds in doing this, it is worth expecting an inexpensive device that can reduce or potentially eliminate the barrier for playing XBOX without a console.

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