Microsoft Flight Simulator and all airports in the world

The Microsoft Flight Simulator pilots will have a large number of options where to land the plane. The ambitious air simulator will include all airports in the world. In addition, it is known that 37,000 of these airports were designed manually, so they will look like a real analogue.

to recreate 37,000 airports, the team had to develop another tool for creating and using resources such as maps, airport databases and aerial photographs.

The level of detail is quite amazing: starting from roads used for ground and air vehicles to recreated marking on the runway. You will even notice working loaders.

Airports will be a little more lively than in the previous game. You will see the service vehicles that will pass, completed parking and workers scurrying in different places. Most likely, you will not pay much attention to them, but the developers are configured to make the simulator as realistic as possible.

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