Minecraft's film output was postponed again

Perhaps you heard earlier that it is planned to release a film about Minecraft? Peter Sellett was invited to write and send Warner Bros. The long -awaited film adaptation of the popular video game "Minecraft". Indeed, a few years ago the film was in the plans of the spring of 2019, but already April, but there are no signs of its appearance. You may be surprised by learning that his release is again transferred to 3 years.

Minecraft film - presented as minecraft: The first movie, which is a kind of strange and strangely specific deviation from simply Minecraft film "-will talk about the adventures of a teenage girl and her friends, who should save the super-world from the destructive evil of the dragon. This is quite a lot for the plot at the moment, but for three years it is a decent time to collect something at the same time, all the more, the work really just begins.

"Since we are, first of all, the developer of games, the creation The film will be new and very exciting for us. And although the film should differ from the game one thing will definitely be the same, "the creator writes. "We want to make a film - just as we make the game - for you. We are inspired by countless things, but not as incredible things that our community creates in Minecraft every day. So continue in the same spirit! "

Minecraft film, whatever it is called, should be released on March 4, 2022.

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