Mirage: Arcane Warfare: The first major update

July 19 Mirage: Arcane Warfare received its first major update from the moment of launch. The new update, called the gladiator update, is the first major content package that has received the game since its launch on PC on May 23, 2017.

a new update that appeared as a free patch includes new content for Mirage : Arcane Warfare, which should be a great addition to the game. The update includes:

  • Two new cards - a hole and an old arena where the battles of 3 x 3. In the pit, players will have to avoid exploding geiser in the middle of the map, while players will have to be in the old arena Fight high in the remote mountains, avoiding falling through a collapsed floor.
  • Now a two -handed sword is available as a third weapon for the Taran.
  • Some classes have received three new magical abilities.
  • full -text localization in 11 languages.

You can learn more about the update on the official page of the game.

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