MMO about vampires V Rising came out in early access

After more than a month of closed beta testing, MMORPG about V RISING vampires, officially launched in early access Steam. The game puts players in the place of the recently awakened vampire in the medieval world, which people and other vampires rule and populated. They will need to eat people's blood and hide from the scorching sun to survive, raising their own Gothic castle and fighting with other vampires.

"Wake up a weakened vampire after a century of sleep. Hunting the blood to restore strength, hiding from the scorching sun to survive. Restore your castle and turn people into your faithful servants in an effort to exalt your empire of vampires. Find allies or enemies on the network or play alone in autonomous mode, beat off from holy soldiers and keep war in the world of conflicts. Will you become the next Dracula? "

v Rising is now available on Steam and, as expected, will remain in early access about about a year before its full exit.

"The version of early access contains a huge world with rich content and all the main mechanics," said Stunlock Studios developer. "The team worked hard to ensure that from the first day we provide excellent experience and reliable assembly. Despite the fact that a significant part of the content has already been developed and implemented, there is still a lot of work to achieve high quality planks that we install for our games. " .

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