MMO about vampires V Rising starts zbt

In preparation for launching in early access next week, MMORPG V Ring from Stunlock Studios plans to start the first of three closed beta tests. The first beta testing will last a week, starting on March 23, and will be open for three thousand players from North America and Europe, who will be lucky to receive an invitation.

"We will shake off dust from several thousand untouched coffins and first introduce them to them With the world of Vardoran, so that everyone starts with equal conditions. Those who have not yet had the opportunity to test the game should start checking their email in the near future, since we will send the keys! "

Closed beta test will allow testers to play both single and cooperative modes, build your own castles, hunt delicious people and experience the combat system of the game. PVP servers will also be available to those who want to experience additional difficulties, settling to face with their brothers-vampires.

Registration is still open for the upcoming SBT. If you do not get, in April the team will hold another game test that will be open to the new group of players. If you nevertheless take part, keep in mind that during the play test it will be valid for non -disclosure, so no streams, records or screenshots of any kind will not be distributed.

Additional information can be found in FAQ by closed beta -the testing on the official website V Ring.

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