MMO shooter Century: Age of Asses goes to PC December 2

Almost a year after the announcement of MMO shooter Century: Age of Asshes, the Airy fights arena with high -flying dragons, is finally ready for a full -fledged release. The release of the game is scheduled for December 2, you can experience intense network battles in the air.

"Fight in hot battles in the 6-on-6 Arena, tame your dragon and show all your power in rapid air Fights. The arena does not forgive mistakes, as you will not become and you - if you survive! Win with the team in 3 modes of the game: massacre and gates of fire! "

the Playwing developer first announced the game back in January and since then held several closed beta tests. The release of the game in early access was scheduled for February, but was postponed until April, while the team worked on feedback with the players. This also did not happen when Playwing decided to immediately proceed to the full launch in November.

But now Playwing confirms that the game will be released in a few days, namely December 2. The game will be free with sets of the founder, available for those who need additional gaming items, such as increasing experience, precious stones, skins and much more.

century: Age of ashes will also be released on consoles and mobile devices where -The next year with the possibility of cross -game and cross development between the versions of the game for PC and consoles.

you can go to the Steam Century: Age of ashes to get additional information.

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