Mmorpg elements will appear in Kurtzpel

A multiplayer Action RPG Kurtzpel will receive serious changes in the PVE content. The developers of the game plan to revive players a little by adding MMORPG elements to the project.

Firstly, Dange will appear in the game, which players will take place by a group, cleaning the dungeons from various monsters and getting to the boss. others. Passing Dange, the players will receive equipment and various items that will increase the PVE characteristics of the hero.

well, and a pleasant moment, in the dungeons it will be possible to resurrect the fallen ally, using a special stone, in addition, it will be possible to use the recovery potions .

A, what about PVP? PVP content will also be updated, new modes and small changes will be added that the battles should revive.

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