Mmorpg Elyon changes the business model and becomes free

Kakao Games announced that their upcoming fantasy MMORPG Elyon can be played for free (free-to-play) instead of the initially planned Buy-to-Play model. The game will be launched on October 20, 2021. Everyone who previously made an order for the game will be offered compensation.

Despite the change in the business model, the game store will not be changed, and this decision will not be used "as an excuse to add P2W mechanics." Time will tell whether this promise will come true or not, but the decision to make the game is free is reasonable, since it gives Elyon the greatest chances of success, making it as affordable as possible. OUR PLANS For Elyon ? MHCBFFFVE4J

- Elyon (@lyon_Thegame) September 10, 2021

Elyon used to be known as "Infinite Realm", and it was first shown at the end even at the end at the end 2017, so almost 4 years have passed since it was first presented. Official website of the game.

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