Mmorpg Kingdom Under Fire 2 closes forever

Hybrid MMORPG / RTS Kingdom Under Fire 2 will be closed on October 26, 2021, a few weeks before its second anniversary. To date, the game is no longer available for boot, and the possibility of buying a premium currency is disabled. Players will still be able to use any premium currency that they have.

"Unfortunately, today we must announce that it is time to stop the battlefields and Kingdom Under Fire 2 will stop Work on October 26, 2021.

We recall epic mass battles, hordes of enemies and, in particular, a unique community. We are grateful for the wonderful time that we were able to spend together, and we will always remember this with love. "

Development of Kingdom Under Fire 2 was a long and difficult road, filled with delays, Financial problems and stops in several regions even before it was launched in North America. For the first time, the game was announced in 2008, and it was originally planned to be launched on PC and consoles in 2009, but it was postponed several times until, finally, in May 2014 it was launched into open beta version in South Korea, but servers. were closed in April 2017. This was followed by the release of the game in Russia in 2017, which lasted almost two years before the store was closed in March 2019, a few months before the launch of the game in North America in November of the same year.

more detailed information can be possible Find on the Kingdom Under Fire 2 Steam page.

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