Mmorpg New World received a big update

By some miracle, Amazon Game Studios finally did it. Finally, the studio released the MMORPG New World update without breaking the game, and at the same time a very large update.

except for a small delay associated with the correction of technical problems at the last minute, the Heart of Madness seems to be established without bitch and zadorinki, and now players can enjoy the new musket and launch a new expedition to the heart of a storm without new mistakes.

"In the heart of the storm, new expedition, the main storyline of the New World ends with the fact that players pursue Isabella back The split mountain, which leads to an epic final battle. Players will enter the heart of the storm when they go into a spoiled measurement of reality through the altered capital of Mirkgard, and reveal the secrets of the past Isabella, plunging deeper into its spoiled mind. "

There are several minor problems requiring solutions, such Like broken warehouses and storage chests, the main plot quest with errors and the 136-year time of restoration of spheres in the fraction store. Developers know about problems and are currently working on correction. Let's hope that everything will go further smoothly.

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