Mmorpg The Elder Scrolls Online will go to the Systems archipelago

MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online will go to the Systems archipelago to tell about the Breton heritage this year. The region, inspired by the Mediterranean, is located near Daggerfall and is a home for Bretons, a magically tuned race that comes from people and elves.

The new storyline a year begins with the release of The Aspending Tid, which will be on March 14, which will be include two new dungeons and prepare the soil for the next chapter ESO - High Isle.

"In High Isle, more than 20 million ESO players will discover a paradise island, saturated with medieval culture and architecture, with magnificent Castles and exciting tournament venues. The history of the head of this year is concentrated on political intrigues, and the high island is an ideal place to relax the alliance delegates to take part in peace negotiations, which will put an end to the war of three banners. While the summit is organized by the noble society of persistent, players should beware of the Ascended Order and their chaotic motifs. " The name Tales of tribute.

"Also in 2022 there will be a completely new card game Tales of Tribute, which can be played in the ESO world. This unique resource-building game, invented on high-ale, is supplemented by PVP and Pve. Players can even increase their rank using their own level system. In addition, you can unlock cool rewards, such as furniture, transmutation of stones and even promoting the storyline, competing with specific NPCs around the world. "

High Isle will be released on PC, Mac and Google Stadia June 6, and on the consoles PlayStation and Xbox - June 21. For those who want to test the Breton heritage before others, the ASCending Tide addition will be available on PTS for testing from January 31. And, as always, there is a new cinematic trailer dedicated to the official disclosure of the Breton heritage. You can also visit the official website of Elder Scrolls Online to get additional information.

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