Mmorpg Tower of Fantasy is scheduled for the end of the year

Scientific and fantastic MMORPG Tower of Fantasy in the style of anime is planned for global release on PC and mobile devices at the end of this year, according to the developers of Hotta Studio and the publishing division of Tencent Level Infinite. For the first time, the game became known about the game in July 2021 before the second beta testing of the game in China, and now it is finally ready for global launch.

"In Tower of Fantasy, the depletion of resources and the lack of energy forced humanity to leave the earth And to migrate to Aida, a magnificent and suitable alien world. There they watched Mara's comet and found in it an unknown, but powerful energy called Omnium. They built an omnium’s tower to capture Maru, but due to the influence of the radiation of the omnium in their native world, a disaster occurred. "

Tencent officially opened registration for closed beta testing in April. Those who wish can register on the official website of Tower of Fantasy until March 29 to get a chance to take part in the upcoming gaming test.

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