Moba Skydom announcement from Kinship Entertainment and Gamigo

The Brazilian development studio Kinship Entertainment and Gamigo announced a new Moba called SkyDome. The game offers a unique joint and competitive interaction due to the smooth combination of MOBA elements and the protection of the tower.

"Skydome is a temple created by ancient people, soaring high in the sky. From there, all his champions go to fight the armies and monsters throughout the universe, using their own individual strategies and skills to create defense and dominate the combat arena. There are no two identical champions, which gives players the opportunity to explore new abilities, protective towers and strategies with each hero. "

The teams of four players oppose the waves of enemies and against each other, using various skills and The ability to destroy and sabotage the enemy’s defense, including magic portals, death mazes, manipulations over time and much more.

Closed beta testing Skydom is planned for the spring of this year. The official date of launch has not yet been announced. More information can also be found on the official Skydom website.

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