Monster Hunter: World: Ancient Dragon Boss will appear on RS

If you are a fan of Action RPG Monster Hunter: World then you most likely waited for the Kulve Taroth boss will appear in a RSV version. This golden ancient dragon first appeared on consoles back in April, before the RSV version was released. In order to kill the ancient dragon, you need to assemble a team of hunters from 16 players.

Thanks to the message about Monster Hunter: World in the news of Steam, now we know that the Kalve Taroth boss will be available on RS, though limited time from November 2 until November 15.

During this time, hunters will be able to form a group of 16 players and begin the mission of the destruction of the ancient dragon. In fact, you will not hunt with all 16 players, and the raid will be divided into groups of four people, each of whom will work together.

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