Monster Hunter: World: Geralt from Rivia comes to PC

Geralt from Rivia, of course, is a witcher, but what he has always been "hunting for monsters", which makes his upcoming appearance in Monster Hunter: World, perhaps the most noticeable event in the game. Capcom announced that a joint event will begin on PC on May 9, and it will appear new tasks and equipment of the witcher that can be earned.

The event "The Witcher / Monster Hunter: World", perhaps the most difficult event, Created by CAPCOM today. Geralt himself from Rivia appears in a new light, with completely new dialogues of Geralt performed by actors from original games. Using the Silver Sword of Geralt, you will have to track the nasty forest abomination from the witcher III: Wild hunt.

A new special task is called "Contract: Problem in the Ancient Forest", and it has several possible endings that depend on your choice in the chain of tasks. Concluding the task, you get a bunch of goodies on The Witcher / Monster Hunter: World, as well as materials for the manufacture of a set of Herall armor.

You need to be a 16 -rank hunter to take the first new task, which means that you need to finish the plot campaign. Do not worry if you have not had time to do this yet - unlike most other special events at Monster Hunter: World, this new task The Witcher will be constantly available.

Such events are usually divided into two stages, and this not an exception. Starting from May 17, the second half of the event opens, in the center of which a multi -user hunt for a much more powerful boss. This task will be available to hunters of 50 rank and higher.

more detailed information in Steam

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