Monster Hunter World: Iceborne corrected the loss of conservations

CAPCOM released a patch for Monster Hunter World, which fixed several large problems associated with the recently released Iceborne complement.

When the addition was released, the players said that Iceborne is full of technical problems, starting with relatively soft ones, Such as poor performance, and ending with huge problems, such as preservations that become unreadable. A few days ago, Capcom was forced to apologize for the errors, promising that the update is in development.

Patch corrects several key things. Firstly, the game should no longer spoil the conservation. Any game saved until October 30 will be reset on the default binding, but otherwise it should be converted normally (provided that it has not yet been damaged by the error). Saves made after a patch of November 22 will also work fine.

Despite the problems and a negative reaction from the players on the PC, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne feels great. With the release of PC at the beginning of this month, the game reached the tremendous four million units sold both on the PC and on the consoles that received the addition in September. The basic game is also not too bad: it has exceeded 15 million sales from the moment of its launch and easily became the best -selling game in the entire series.

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