Monster Hunter World: Iceborne removes saving

Yesterday, the PC was an addition to the Action RPG Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, however, something went wrong. Many players in Steam and Reddit complain that the update removed their preservation, which in some cases cost them hundreds of hours of the gameplay.

After setting the expansion of Iceborne players raised by this problem, report that the compatible conservation file cannot be found when starting the game. At this moment, they are invited to create a new preservation, which begins a completely new game. What is even worse, according to VG247, the exit from the game at this moment automatically loads it on Steam (provided that you include saving in Steam Cloud), so you can say goodbye to this preservation.

There is a version that the presence of certain mods can cause compatibility problems, but some players claim that they have lost their preservations, despite the fact that there were no mods. Another version is that long -missing players could skip the update that changed the conservation formats, and Iceborne addition could not read old preservations. The representative of Capcom said that the team knows about complaints and studies the problem, but has not yet come up with anything definite. The error will be corrected, or make a backup copy of the conservation before doing anything. Saves can be found in Steam \ User Data \ (your identification number of the user Steam) \ 582010. If your conservations have already been deleted, you can restore them using the MHWSAVETRANSFER utility and preserving Iceborne Ready, which are available from Nexusmods (through Steam users).

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