Monster Hunter World: Iceborne: Trailer hints at a powerful monster

The new Action RPG Monster Hunter World: Iceborne makes it possible about some presentation of the storyline that is with the expansion established in the snow -covered HoarFrost Reach region. According to the trailer, you will be on the way to what is called "Ancient Everwyrm", a creature capable of destroying entire ecosystems.

it is not clear what Everwyrm is, but it is probably something huge and even worse than Velkhana , the ice senior dragon, which adorned many advertising materials for Iceborne. The new trailer tells about Velkhana, including the tactics of the battle - this monster has several unpleasant attacks, including an ice wall and a cruel tail. The trailer also includes some Wyvern combat shots, which was shown in previous Monster Hunter World games.

MONSTER HUNTER World: ICEBORNE launches on September 10 for consoles, and, as before, we will have to wait a bit until the PC version is scheduled for January 2020 .

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