Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will have a system for encouraging team game

Action RPG Monster Hunter: World is a rather big game, and the path to the 16th rank of the hunter in order to start Iceborne when it comes out - can take a huge part of time. But Capcom says that players who have not yet completed World will not have to worry or linger when ICEBORNE comes out, since there are incentives for encouraging teamwork between hunters of higher and low levels.

good news, according to words ICEBORNE developers is that in the upcoming addition there is something for everyone.

"We created a system for players called" Help the Hunter. " This system is precisely in order if you have not completed World yet and want to quickly get to ICEBORNE. Then your game comrades who have already reached a certain title will be able to help you, and in return to receive good awards, "the developers explained. "We understand that players who have just started their way can abandon it, so we will try to create the conditions for the team game that will facilitate players passing."

What is the reward for high -level players, the directors did not say, the directors did not say But this is a good system, and it turned out to be useful in other multi -user cooperative games, such as, for example, Destiny 2.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be released on PC in January 2020.

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