Morrowind has become free for ESO players

Supplement MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is now free for all players who are owners of the base game. Players who have not yet bought an addition can now explore the homeland of the dark elves, Vanderfell, which is associated with the next chapter High Isle.

"The prologue High Isle will soon come out, and we wanted absolutely all participants in the game This first step on the way to the next chapter, providing a free addition to Morrowind to all ESO players. "

Free addition can be obtained in Crown Store, it will include access to the entire zone and plot line of Vanderfell, tests of Halls of Fabrication and the upcoming High Isle Prolog. However, the free version does not include the Warden class, which players still have to buy separately.

The head of High Isle will be released on PC and Mac on June 6. Additional information can be found on the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online.

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