My Hero One’s Justice 2 will appear on PC in 2020

Even if the anime is clearly not your style, most likely you heard about the game My Hero Academia, the East of Superheroes series meets the West. The Bandai Namco Entertainment officially announced My Hero One’s Justice 2, 3D-fiting, developed by BYKING for consoles and PC in 2020. At the moment, there is only a small advertising video and a website (in Japanese), to demonstrate the first developments.

Although the original game My Hero Academia was founded in the early stages of the anime series, judging by the new villain shown It seems that the continuation will cover everything up to the fourth season of the anime, although there are many manga that remains to be painted and set in motion.

on the teaser site, the young hero Decow fights against the new villain Overhaul and states that The second game will be on a much larger scale than the first, and the register will include much more game characters.

The release date My Hero One's Justice 2 is still unknown, but it should go out where -Then in 2020.

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