NCSOFT renamed Project TL in Throne and Liberty

The promised NCSoft game Lineage will have nothing to do with other Lineage games, with the exception, well, well... nothing, as the studio said in the new blog of developers. Project TL, also known as Lineage 3 (also Lineage Eternal and Project The Lineage), was renamed MMORPG Throne and Liberty to reflect the new direction and vision of the game of the command. So many times that the developers eventually lost sight of their initial vision of the game.

"Throne and Liberty is a project begun Lineage. The initial goal of the project was "Let's create the next generation Lineage." In the process of development, much from the original system and content had to be adapted or removed to match the current game trends. As a result, the gameplay also gradually began to differ from the original. " Then they began to ask themselves: "Should this project be called lineage?"

"Therefore, we change the name so that it corresponds to a new story. It also reflects the desire of the developers of the developers to break the Lineage shell. "

" We returned to the starting point and carefully thought about what value MMO games for the PC and the next generation consoles should be represented, "said Producer Chon-Ook An . "We make additional efforts to develop an exciting world in which players can enjoy new impressions and have fun."

"We have tried many ways to avoid a monotonous game on the field," he added. "Even in the same region, geographical features change depending on the weather, and the course of the battle changes depending on the direction of the wind. Over time, players may face new monsters. The method and purpose of hunting are constantly changing. We worked hard to ensure that the three factors: the field, the environment and the player influence each other. We expect that such an interactive influence will lead to richest opportunities for players. "

The events of Throne and Liberty, oddly enough, occur in the same world as the other NCSOFT project Project E.

"They also have the same gravitational and environmental characteristics, as well as magical and fantasy origin," the developers said. "However, since the continents are different, the characteristics of each civilization and history are also different. Important events that have occurred on the same planet are interpreted and developed in a completely different way in two games, so players can have fun without expectations. "

The team has not yet announced the release date of MMORPG Throne and Liberty, although the announcement last month indicates that the full exit will take place somewhere in the second half of 2022.

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