Need for Speed ​​Payback: Create your own unique car

Today, Electronic Arts introduced the new Need for Speed ​​Payback race trailer, which briefly shows the customs of cars.

, no matter how the players discuss the previous issues, but customization in the NEED for SPEED has always been on top. That is how it will be now, users are invited to practically disassemble the car for spare parts and assemble their unique car, which can easily win the race. It will be possible to set any details, and winning the next race, the player will be able to open new elements.

and an unimportant moment, in the NEED for Speed ​​Payback, players will be able to find used cars, From which, having made a little effort you can make an excellent supercar. The release of Need for Speed ​​Payback for RS, PS4 and Xbox One is scheduled for November 10.

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