Neverwinter: Announcement of the next add -on "Sharantar"

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment only announced the first episode of the upcoming three -part add -on for MMORPG NEVERWINTER under the name SHARANDAR. Events will unfold in forgotten kingdoms and return the players to the Sharantar, mystical land, first presented in the first addition of the game.

"In Neverwinter: Sharandar, an alarming darkness envelops Feywild and the ancient elven citadel Sharandar. Cruel creatures kill anyone who is stupid enough to enter the lands that once belonged to the Malabog, King Fomorov. There are rumors in the forest about the ancient Fei creature, along with the scattered gangs of the miners of Malabog, who seek to capture the Sharandar and master his secret secrets. " Each episode of which will present new MMORPG functions inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, including a new plot content, a new social center, rethought zones, new enemies, a dungeon and much more.

Episode 1 is scheduled for February 9, 2021 Years for PC and March 9 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

"History of Neverwinter: Sharandar consists of three episodes. The first episode of The Iron Tooth will be released on February 9 on PC and March 9 on consoles. Adventurers go to the ruins of Malabog to investigate the disappearance of an elven dignitary. This episode introduces the new and returned players with the lands of Feivords Sharandar, where they will find the Social Center of the New Sharantar, the adventure zone of the ruins of Malabog and the dungeon of storage storage, as well as epic awards "

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