Neverwinter: announces the adventure of the "lair of a crazy magician"

Many tests are waiting for players in the upcoming update of MMORPG Neverwinter Podgoria, and the last entry on the game blog is devoted to one of the last problems that the player encounters - the lap of the crazy magician. Oddly enough, the players will meet this adventure not with the crazy magician himself, but with his two students, Arcturia and Tobrande.

The first boss that players encounter is an Arcturia, a powerful lich and master of magic transmutation. Almost as crazy as her mentor, Arcturia cannot behave normally and observe the sequence, so she transforms herself, her environment and other creatures around her into curved variations of her former "I". Players will have to fight not only with Arcturia itself, but also with its formidable, ugly minions.

If the players survive in the battle with Arcturia, the next and last enemy will be a trobrian, a metal magician. Although he was once a man, Tobrian grew up, despising the weakness of the flesh, and heeded the iron golem, into which he transmitted his spirit, freeing him from the borders of his mortal body-a gift that he now wants to give all the inhabitants of Faerun. It will not be easy to defeat Tobrian and his menagerie, but those who are capable will be generously rewarded for their efforts. Podgoria »April 23, you can familiarize yourself with the whole Blog of the developers on the official website of the game.

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