Neverwinter launches the last milestone "Echo of Prophet"

MMORPG Neverwinter closes the year of the third and last part of the autumn combat pass of Echoes of Prophecy. The last milestone is now available on PC and consoles and is an epic conclusion of the Echoes of Prophecy campaign, in which the players will reveal a secret associated with the return of the dragon cult.

"In the hope of stopping the ritual that can bring the darkness On Faerun, brave adventurers must unite to find the whereabouts of the cultists and stop them until it became too late. Since the entire Echo of the Prophet leads to the campaign of the next main module for Neverwinter, which will be launched the next month, the players who have completed this last adventure of combat passes will be able to find out about future sinister events. "

Campaign and plot, as well as some temporary events are available for free for all players, although a paid combat pass is required to unlock some awards.

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